Rochester Records

Rochester Records

Is an online record store that gives artists a consolidated outlet to display their work to the world. Writing a great song is only the beginning to creating a marketable product. Whether you are a songwriter looking to shop your songs, an artist looking to be found, or an established artist looking to sell more products, Rochester Records is here to assist with any of the above for artists in the region surrounding Rochester, New York.

That assistance would include…

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Recording Services

Bearland Recording is under the same roof as Rochester Records. We are prepared to assist you with preproduction, tracking, mixing and mastering, pairing your project with an engineer or producer who specializes in your specific genre. In our roll-a-dex we have session players available and dedicated to your musical style, as well as any specific gear that you may require.

Music Publishing

We provide assistance with copyrights, as well as affiliation with performance rights associations, such as ASCAP, BMI, SCASC, and PRS. Also, we are an upstart music publishing company whose primary objective is to “shop” songs to artists looking for new material.

Packaging and Design

We have a working relationship with a number of regional graphic artists that are knowledgeable of CD packaging design constrains.


We have the ability to service all CD manufacturing needs. This includes duplication from one piece, on up. We believe in keeping the manufacturing process local, to support our community.

Web Development

Let us help you create your release campaign, or even just a splash page for your new release. We can help with website re-design and mailings.

Online Sales

We can host online sales, with proceeds routed to you. We can assist with fulfilling and shipping physical copies, or download-only sales. The visibility of a consolidated site can drive higher traffic to your music.